January 2021


Workout of the Day “The Chief” 5 rounds 3:00 AMRAP  3 Power Cleans (135/95) / 6 Push-Ups / 9 Air Squats 1:00 Rest


Pre WOD 3 sets for quality 15 Perfect Hollow Rocks30 Band Pull Aparts3-5 Negative Handstand Push-Ups3-5 Tempo Hollow Body Strict Pull-Ups (30X1) Workout of the...
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Pre WOD Rope climb skill work Workkout of the Day For time 200m DB Front Rack Carry (50/35)20 Burpees4 Rope Climbs40 Jumping Lunges4 Rope Climbs20...
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Workout of the Day 2 rounds for time*1000/800m RowInto…21-15-9Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)Sumo Deadlift High-PullSit-Ups*workout is 2 full rounds of all the work.


Pre WOD Bench press 8-8-6-6-2-2 Workout of the Day Every 3:00 for 5 rounds 500/400m RowMax DB Floor Press (50/35) in time remaining…