What Our Gym Offers


High intensity classes focused on constantly varied, functional movements. Every day is different, offering a new challenge and an escape from any fitness doldrums you might be experiencing. Although we use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and other equipment, all of our movements translate into real world activities, preparing you for whatever life throws at you outside the gym.

Rev Classes

Rev up your engine and get ready to increase your aerobic conditioning and strength training! These high intensity classes offer the fitness benefits of CrossFit without the barbells. Workouts are cardio focused and use body weight movements along with dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, bands and other equipment to build strength, endurance, and fitness. These high energy classes are perfect for individuals who want high intensity training but aren’t interested in learning the more technical barbell movements we do in other classes. Experienced CrossFitters will also love these classes for their longer WODs and serious sweat-inducing movements.

Open Gym

Are you following your own programming or just can’t make regularly scheduled classes? We offer Open Gym Memberships. This option gives you full access to the gym anytime outside of scheduled class times. This membership gives you ultimate flexibility with your time and training.

Personal Training

Group classes not for you? We offer personal training customized to your individual needs. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can help you on your fitness journey.

Chiropractic Care/Massage Therapy

Roaring Fork CrossFit co-owner and coach, Dr. Scott Tesoro, offers sports-focused medical care at his Sopris Chiropractic clinics in Basalt and Carbondale. As a long-time CrossFitter, Dr. Scott is uniquely situated to support RFCF athletes and offers CrossFit discounts. Not only does Dr. Scott care for our local athletes, he has also taken care of professional CrossFitters as a provider at the Regionals and at the CrossFit Games.

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