March Squat Challenge

Better late than never, we’ve got a MARCH CHALLENGE for you guys!

100 squats/day, every day, for the entire month of March! If you complete the entire month, your name will be put in a drawing for a free month of CrossFit! (We will be doing challenges in April and May as well, to draw for a free month in June.) Here are the rules:
1️⃣ You cannot make up your squats on other days, you must do 100 every day. HOWEVER, since we are getting a bit of a late start to the month, complete the 500 squats for March 1-5 and get another entry put in the drawing!
2️⃣ You can break them however you want throughout the day, or do them all at once.
3️⃣ You are self-accountable for making sure you do them all, to depth, and mark it on the board posted in the gym – so be honest!

Have fun, do them together, build that ?. Enjoy!

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