Important Announcement

Dear RFCF crew, in light of the recent developments related to the COVID-19 virus, we’d like to inform you of the steps we will be taking to ensure everyone that RFCF will be a safe place to continue to train.

This weekend, after the Saturday morning class, we will be doing a complete disinfecting and sanitizing of the gym. This will include a thorough cleaning of all equipment… bars, kettlebells, DB’s rower and bike handles, PVC’s, bumper plates etc.. This will also include all door knobs, light switches, faucet handles, floor and anything else that gets touched within the gym. Everything will be cleaned with a bleach solution. The CDC says a mild bleach solution will kill all viruses.

What we will be asking of you starting Monday is the following…

1: After entering the gym, please go to the bathroom and wash your hands before touching any gym equipment.
2: Following your workout, please use wipes and spray bottles to wipe down all surfaces you have touched.
3: Please be sure you allow for extra time when coming into the gym to wash your hands. Classes will still need to run in a timely fashion so larger classes will need extra time for all to use the sinks. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE EARLY so class times and flow are not disrupted.
4: If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the gym. Take a run, do burpees, squats. pushups at home. We will be happy to provide a list of any place/no equipment workouts to anyone who requests it.

RFCF is well stocked with hand wipes. cleaning solution and lots of hand sanitizer has been ordered though it is very hard to get right now. Though by far the greatest risk for contracting the virus is through airborn particles (proximity to those infected), washing hands and wiping equipment is an added and necessary layer of protection.

The good news is as CrossFitter’s, we are generally a much healthier demographic of the population and thus in a very low risk group for any serious complications from the virus. Symptoms for a strong healthy individual are typically no worse than a mild case of the flu.

We will continue to be proactive to ensure that you can feel confident that RFCF is a clean and safe environment.

Thanks for your continued support, let’s all stay healthy and strong!



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