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Many of you are now using the online journal feature contained here in the new website. Many have also had questions about the some of the specifics on how to use it.

There are several changes I’ve requested from the web designer as far as how the journal looks, reads, and functions to be as simple and easy as possible to not only track WODs done here at RFCF but any additional WODs you may want to record.

As soon as these changes are finished we will be holding several short tutorial sessions at the gym to answer any questions you may have about how to best use the online journal and the members network within the site.

Also, be looking for the class scheduling feature which will be in place soon. As we get into the fall and winter months, some of the more popular classes will have limits as to number of people and will require an advance signup

Dates and times will be announced soon here and in the Sept Newsletter which you’ll see soon.

Shoulder Mobility Class with Dr. Scott Tesoro of Sopris Chiropractic

When: Monday Oct.1 at 6PM, Friday Oct.5th at 10AM and Sat. Oct.6th at 10AM.

Shoulder injuries are a common in sports, exercise and the workplace. Given the challenges and intensity of Crossfit training, it is important to properly care for the shoulders to prevent injury and realize the long term benefits Crossfit affords.

Most people come to Crossfit with long-standing shoulder imbalances and old injuries. Chronic postural overload, too much sitting, forward head posture, asymmetries developed from conventional weight training, sports demands, and other conditions come in the door with us we when we begin Crossfit.

Join Dr. Scott as he helps us understand the common causes of shoulder injuries, tell us what our posture can tell us about shoulder health, and goes over practical exercises, stretches and mobilizations to ensure Crossfit success!

This class is open to all levels of Crossfit experience. It is recommended for all, ESPECIALLY for the amazing “older” Crossfitters out there!

About Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott Tesoro of Sopris Chiropratic has been practicing in the Roaring Fork valley for 17 years. He specializes in the conservative management of spine and extremity injuries in the active population and in helping people attain greater levels of health and well being. Dr. Scott has been with RFCF since its inception and he and his family have been dedicated Crossfitters ever since. He has taught classes on spinal health through Crossfit,  led the 2012 RFCF “Paleo Challenge” and provides professional services to the staff and members of Crossfit valley wide.


Paleo Challenge

RFCF runs an annual “Paleo Challenge” in which participants eat in a way that is congruent to the human genome. Participants marvel at how quickly they drop excess body fat, gain energy and become faster and stronger in their activities. Their doctors marvel at the positive changes to their blood lipids while they follow a dietary program contrary to  the current conventional “wisdom” of low fat, high carbs.

RFCF and Dr. Scott will run another challenge in the spring of 2013. If you don’t want to wait that long, contact Dr. Scott at [email protected] or call 379-5017 to get in on the Paleo Challenge he is conducting through Sopris Chiropractic starting October 8th. Space is limited.

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