3 sets for quality

10 Sumo Squats*
14 Alt. Deep Reverse Lunges**
10 Segmented Sumo DL High Pull***

*Option to add KB in Sets 2 & 3
**Goal is to slowly access more Range of Motion with every rep
**1 Rep = 1 Sumo DL quick pause then…
1 Strict High Pull

Workout of the Day

4 Sets for quality

12-15 TNG Sumo Deadlifts (Athlete Choice, Moderate)
16 Alt. KB Goblet Cossack Squats (Athlete Choice, Moderate)
18 KB Heel Taps*
2:00 Cardio of Choice**

*L+R=1 Rep.
**Option for Nasal Breathing Only.

-Rest 1:30 b/t Sets

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