Workout of the Day


In team of 4, generate as much horsepower as possible in 25 minutes of

-sled drives

-tire flips

-farmers carry

-box jumps

Each team will try to generate as much power as possible during this workout

The equation for power is..

load X distance / time

-Each teammate determines their own loads for farmers carries and sled drives

-Use body weight in kilos for box jumps

-Tires weigh 115 kilos

-Track how far in meters all objects and BW for box jumps are moved in meters over the course of WOD

The unit of measure for power is Watts

To calculate watts, use the same equaton using newton meters for load (kilos x 9.8066) X total distance in meters divided by 1500 (total seconds in 25 minutes)

750 watts = 1 Horsepower



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