RFCF Virtual at Home Workout Challenge

Hey everybody,  I’m so excited that so many of you took us up on the equipment loaner program. We’ve loaned out tons of gear  but there is still some to choose from if you didn’t get any. The one thing I heard from many as the equipment was going out was how happy they were to have more workout options, but….  getting/staying motivated outside the class environment may be challenging.

That’s why we have created the RFCF Virtual Home Workout Challenge. Here’s how it will work…

Attached is a signup sheet for you to put your name on and enter. On Wednesday night, we will take all the names and randomly draw them to make teams of 2. Over the course of the challenge you and your partner will accumulate as many points as possible. Points will be awarded as follows..

Each teammate will be awarded 50 points each day one of the Workouts of the Day are completed (100 possible team total)

Daily bonus points will be available for extra credit to add to each team’s daily total as follows…

1 point every time you post a pic or video of any part of your workout tagging @roaringforkcrossfit

2 points for every rep of sit ups

3 points for every air squat

4 points for every pushup

5 points for every burpee

10 points for every 10:00 of any form of cardio.. running, cycling, skinning etc…

*bonus points will be for movements performed in addition to your WOD. No additional points if your workout already contains these movements

This is all of course on the honor system and you will be able to see each team’s daily total and scoring progress as the challenge goes on.

I’d like to encourage all of you to participate whether you’re following our at home body weight workouts, our weighted object workout, or a WOD of your own you’re following or creating.

Here is the link for the signups..


After we get all the signups we will create the teams and provide you with a link to the score sheet.

Hopefully  this will add some excitement and fun to your days and your workouts as well as provide some motivation, inspiration, encouragement and accountability for you and your teammate.

Let me know if you have any questions

Thanks everyone, stay motivated and stay fit!


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