Power and Scaling

How much importance do you place on “RX’ing” a workout? Do you feel as if RX’ing is going to yield better results in the long run to your progress than if you scale a WOD? Maybe not. You may actually be inhibiting your progress by attempting WODs as RX. CrossFit is about power output, work (load x distance), divided by time. Too heavy slows time thus blunting power output. Here is an artical I’ve posted in the past but is worth reading again to help understand this concept. 

Bottom line is this, get stronger by lifting heavy and challenging yourself in the strength portions of our workouts, aka…our pre wod. By increasing your strength this will allow you to move heavier loads faster in the timed and scored portions of the WODs with maximal power output. We are not developing strength in the WOD, we are trying to generate power. Understanding the difference of when to go heavy and when to scale will produce better long term results in your CrossFit training.

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