New Classes

Starting Tuesday, May 7th, RFCF will introduce a new class called CrossFit Cardio. These will be CrossFit workouts with programming that relies heavily on running. These will typically be longer time domain endurance based workouts of short intervals, long intervals and tempo/time trials, also incorporating bodyweight strength movements (squats, pushups etc..), prowler sleds, and rowers.   

Every class will begin/end with mobility, light movement and stretching. It is recommended though not necessary that participants use a basic chrono watch or stop watch to monitor their time. Each person will have individual times; progress is determined by pace/recovery time, PR on benchmarks. There is no group scoring like CF Wods, but there will be personal records and levels to meet. 


These classes will be coached by Debbie Miller. Debbie has been a personal trainer, group instructor, fitness consultant and fitness educator for 28 years. She received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 1984, and has been certified through the American Council on Exercise since 1995. She has taught courses in Anatomy, Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology as a presenter for certification programs and is CrossFit Level 1 certified.


As an avid cardio enthusiast, Debbie enjoys distance running and teaching a variety of cardio classes.   


 CFC classes will be offered twice a week, Tuesdays at 8 am, and Thursdays at 6 pm

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