Laurel Holstein Tesoro


Laurel reluctantly signed up for Crossfit at the urging of her Crossfitting husband.  Now, three years later, she jokes that her kids spend more time at the “box” than at home.   As a 41-year-old mother of two, Laurel is stronger and fitter now than she has ever been in her life (and she was always pretty fit).  She has witnessed the changes Crossfit can make in people’s health, outlook, confidence, and fitness and wants to help others realize their full potential.  She earned her Level 1 Certification in September, 2012.

Laurel is also an expert in paleo nutrition, an eating philosophy that is well suited to Crossfit training and life-long health.  She and her husband, chiropractor and go-to doc for all things Crossfit, Scott Tesoro, run the yearly paleo challenge at RFCF.

When not at RFCF, Laurel can be found in her kitchen creating delicious paleo meals, out hiking or mountain biking, or relaxing by a campfire with her family and friends.

CrossFit Level 1