Vince Shimp – Owner

In 2007, Roaring Fork CrossFit became the first CrossFit affiliate in the Roaring Fork Valley. From it’s small beginnings, RFCF has grown and expanded steadily since producing the trainers that would go on to spread CrossFit throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

Through Crossfit, Vince has overcome some of the biggest challenges of his life. Read more about Vince’s story here

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

CrossFit’s Olympic Lifting Certification

CrossFit’s Gymnastics Certification

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

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Guy Courtney – Coach

Crossfit has given me the finest, richest times of my life. When I was younger, climbing trees and swimming in the open water of lakes was a true magnet to me. Ever since my younger days, I have been active and engaged in all that life offers. Now comes Crossfit!

From the get go, Crossfit has improved my life in every respect. I arrived in Colorado a number of years back and was immediately engaged in the outdoor lifestyle requiring great fitness for full enjoyment. From snowboarding to dog sledding, I have enjoyed Colorado for all it offers. I’ll never forget being coaxed into my first Crossfit class. Covered in sweat and laying on the floor out of breath, I managed to say, ” That was awful…I’ll be back tomorrow at 6 a.m.!”

Clearly, there was something at “The Box” that was mildly addictive, wonderfully fulfilling, and truly fantastic. Six months after my first class, I found myself in a classroom of 49 other participants getting tested to become a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. Since then I have been coaching here at Roaring Fork Crossfit and have never looked back.

The rock steady improvement in fitness is amazing. Helping others achieve the same is rewarding. Diving into the art of Coaching is fulfilling.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)


Lauren Redfern

Since a young age Lauren has been drawn to athletics. Being raised in the Roaring Fork Valley, gave her the opportunity to participate in indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Lauren majored in education with an emphasis in exercise science at Fort Lewis College in Durango CO where she was also a member of the woman’s collegiate basketball team. After finishing her bachelor of arts degree she remained in Durango to coach the varsity high school basketball team.

Coaching and competition have always been a passion for Lauren.

Lauren discovered CrossFit in 2009 and became one of Roaring Fork CrossFit’s earliest coaches.

Lauren believes that fitness is a pathway to a more successful and better future. As a CrossFit coach she loves to motivate each person to discover new limits and abilities in a fun, safe environment.

my job to keep everyone safe, while motivating each person to push beyond their limits.”


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)


Chase Carter – Coach

Chase was born and raised in Nashville Tennessee where he played football and baseball from the age of four through his senior year of highschool. Upon graduating, Chase attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he earned a degree in Architectural Engineering and an extensive background in nutrition.  While at the University of Colorado, he spent two years ski racing for the collegiate team.

Chase holds a green belt in Soo Bahk Do and competed nationally in 2008, where he took 3rd place in sparring and 1st place in forms.  He currently works for a local lighting design firm, Robert Singer and Associates, and has ski instructed on Snowmass Mountain for the past four years, earning his level one PSIA certification in 2006.  Chase
also enjoys cycling and riding his dirt bike.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)


Laurel Holstein Tesoro-Coach

Laurel reluctantly signed up for Crossfit at the urging of her Crossfitting husband.  Now, three years later, she jokes that her kids spend more time at the “box” than at home.   As a 41-year-old mother of two, Laurel is stronger and fitter now than she has ever been in her life (and she was always pretty fit).  She has witnessed the changes Crossfit can make in people’s health, outlook, confidence, and fitness and wants to help others realize their full potential.  She earned her Level 1 Certification in September, 2012.

Laurel is also an expert in paleo nutrition, an eating philosophy that is well suited to Crossfit training and life-long health.  She and her husband, chiropractor and go-to doc for all things Crossfit, Scott Tesoro, run the yearly paleo challenge at RFCF.

When not at RFCF, Laurel can be found in her kitchen creating delicious paleo meals, out hiking or mountain biking, or relaxing by a campfire with her family and friends.

CrossFit Level 1

laura bio

Laura Baca – Coach

Laura was born and raised in Yankton, SD. She started competitive swimming at age 5 where she swam through elementary school, middle school, high school, and went on to swim for 2 years in college at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN , who went on to win the Big Ten Championship in Laura’s sophomore year. After college swimming Laura joined the Minnesota Gophers Club Triathlon team where they qualified and competed in Collegiate Nationals in Lubbock, TX in 2009.

Laura was introduced to CrossFit by her husband Zach Baca in the spring of 2013. She fell in love with it instantly because of the variety, training, encouragement, and wonderful people around the community it offers. The two began their CrossFit training at CrossFit Unbroken in Littleton, CO. Two years later they learned they loved the mountain life with all the wonderful things it offers in the outdoors and moved up to the Roaring Fork Valley winter of 2014. They continued their CrossFit by joining the Roaring Fork CrossFit Family in Basalt, CO. Laura received her CrossFit Level 1 certificate in October 2016 and loves to spread the excitement, joy, and passion CrossFit brings along with staying fit for anything in life!

Outside of CrossFit Laura enjoys time with her husband, trail running, cycling, hiking, camping, skiing, watching football, and enjoying a good laugh with friends and family.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)


Zach Baca – Coach

Zach discovered CrossFit in 2011. Growing up he played some recreational sports, but by the end of elementary school he was no longer involved in any organized activities. Sometime early in middle school he found what eventually became one of the earliest influences in his life, skateboarding. In this, he learned self-discipline, commitment and the joy of what hard work can bring one over time. For the better part of 10 years he not only loved, but lived skateboarding. At times he found himself distracted by different things, including substance abuse in particular, which led to far too much time on the couch. Zach then suffered a severe ankle injury requiring reconstructive surgery and while recovering vowed to use his body to the utmost of its ability once recovered.

It wasn’t until an old skateboarding friend and co-worker asked him to “come try a WOD” in his garage, that he realized what being “in shape” meant. He quickly turned all his efforts to CrossFit and purchased whatever bare bones equipment he could afford. He trained on his brother’s back porch for nearly a year and a half before convincing his girlfriend at the time (his now wife, Laura) to join their first gym, CrossFit Unbroken in Denver.

In 2014, Zach and Laura made a move to the Roaring Fork Valley and became a part of the Roaring Fork CrossFit family. After being a member of RFCF for nearly a year and a half Zach began to feel a desire to contribute what he could back to his CrossFit community. He attended a CF-L1 seminar, and shortly after received his CF-L1 trainer’s certificate on 4/23/2016. Since then he has truly enjoyed sharing with others the many great things the pursuit of fitness can bestow on one’s self!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)