Elements Class

April 1, 2015
Our next Elements Class will begin Monday, November 26th. It will run Mon/Weds/Fri from 6-7pm for two weks. Upon completion of the Elements class you will ready to enter our regularly scheduled daily workouts. Click here for more information


12 Idiot Proof Principles to Crossfit Performance and Injury Prevention: Part 1.

The largest criticism I hear about crossfit is about how dangerous it is and how many people get hurt doing it, blah, blah, blah.  Maybe we should all just hide in a closet and pray for muscles and a six pack?  That’s probably safer then trying something challenging like a snatch.  Of course its not great to plow through random exercises with terrible technique for hundreds of reps.  But if that’s what you believe


New Years Week Schedule

There will only be  one class on Mon, Dec 31st at 9 AM. There will be no classes on New Years Day. Wednesday we will return to normal schedule. Have a great New Years and look forward to an amazing 2013!


January Elements Class

Our next Elements class will begin Monday Jan 7th. It will run Mon, Weds, Fri from 6-7 pm for two weeks. Make 2013 your fittest year ever. Check here for more information.


The 5 Best Ways to Break Into CrossFit

  So, you’ve decided to finally do something about your sad state of fitness, and you keep hearing from CrossFit disciples how effective it is for whipping people into shape. Fast. But you’ve also heard all the CrossFit horror stories: people puking in the corner, passing out on the floor, being made to work out way past their abilities, suffering constant injuries. And given the choice, you’d rather stay fat and flabby t


February Elements Class

Get started in CrossFit with our February Elements class. This class will begin Monday, Feb 4th. It will run Mon, Weds, and Fri from 6-7pm for two weeks. Click here for more information.


Abdominal Bracing and Mid-line Stability Workshop

   The ability to brace or "set" the spine is a prerequisite for building core stability. With this stability in place, you can lift more effectively, at higher loads and with reduced chance of injury.Join Dr. Scott for a highly practical workshop that will teach you the tricks to a flexible but strong spine. You will learn how to apply these lessons to the common lifts we perform at Crossfit as well as other challenging activities-suc


Klimb 4 Kashmir

Klimb 4 Kashmir is a trip designed to generate awareness and raise funding to expand education, business, and vocational training to girls and young women throughout Kashmir, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This is a trek in Nepal to support  women and girls education and empowerment in the AFPAK and Kashmir region.  It is organized by the Aspen-based One World Trekking and proceeds support Marshall Direct Fund (an organization f


Start CrossFit With Our March Elements Class

Our next Elements class will begin Monday, March 4th. It will run Mon, Weds, Fri from 6-7 pm for two weeks. This series of classes will prepare you to enter any of our regularly scheduled daily workouts. Go here for more information.


America’s Uphill

On Saturday, March 16, join fellow RFCF members to participate in America's Uphill event.  You can register here. There will be NO SAT 9 AM WOD at the gym on this day. Our WOD will be 3267 vertical feet for time. Time to get outside and put your fitness to use. There is a sign up sheet at the gym on the warmup board. You can find more information here